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Register with us with a small step filling a registration form. You can put your name optional. But your mobile number will be your unique identity.


Modes of verification of information
1). Online verification.
2). By Public Relation Executive Visit
3). By Party during bilateral talk.

View profile of others

Finally Registration and Verification you can now start visiting the profiles of others. You can search/find people according to your desire.

View profile by others

While you are searching others , others may search you and can view your profile information you have provided.

Send contact request

Your contact number is the key for other people to contact you for meeting with you or knowing any other information so you can ask or request anyone to give contact number that I want to contact you.

Accept contact request

It depends upon the person who get contact request that if he/she wants to share contact number then he/she can share it specifically. This is just for privacy and to procrastinate the misuse of contact information.

Decline contact request

If anybody do not want to share their contact number with the request sender then he/she can decline the request.

Tips for finding suitable match

  • Install ultra vision app or visit ultravision.co.in
  • Create the profile for self or beloved to whom looking for bride /groom by entering true information. it is advised to fill all the fields of registration form because they will help counter party to reach some conclusion .half information may not attract visitor and that will cause of less or no response or delay response .
  • Search the profile as per your choice i.e. location ,religion ,caste ,sub-caste, sub-sub caste age or profession.
  • If you find text information meet your criteria of requirement then you send the contact request to view the contact of profile .
  • On acceptance your contact requests you will able to view the contact of profile.
  • On viewing contact no. you can have bilateral talk for verification of information mentioned in the profile and for further formalities.
  • You are advised that collect all other important information from your own resource and before taking any final decision let you and your other family members be satisfy in all the respect.